Shipping charges

Shipping charges depend upon the kind of parcel, its weight and the place of delivery.


0kg -1kg.

1.01kg- 1.499kg

1.5kg - 2kg


14,00 €

16,00 €

18,00 €

Europe (out E.U)

14,00 €

17.00 €

20.00 €

Returns policy.

Should anything strange happen with your order, please let us know through an e-mail to

We will do our best to solve it.

Delivery times.

Europe: Deliveries take equally between 5 and 7 days, depending on the countries of destination.

Rest of the world: Deliveries take around 2 weeks to arrive in destination.



1-. Choose your article. You can either click the section to which it belongs at the left of the screen

2-. Click on the image of the article if you want its description.

3-. Choose colour and size if that option is offered to you on that article.

4-. Click on the shopping cart.

5-. Check the articles you have chosen and the total price.

6-. Choose your payment form.


European Union:

1. Bank Transference: When you make the order , you will received a email with the bank data.

For EU countries please make a SEPA bank transference between your account and our bank, it is cheaper and fast than another type of bank transferences.

2- Paypal

3- Credit/Debit Cards

Rest of the world:

1- Paypal

2. Send us Cash in bank notes hidden in a registered letter.

3- Credit/Debit Cards


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